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The Environment


RBY ensures that projects focus on long-term environmental sustainability. RBY ensures that projects incorporate the following:

  • Project analysis and review of environmental impact
  • Legal compliance and risk management
  • Sufficient personnel and resources
  • Effective training and communication
  • Inspection and audits
  • Emergency response procedures
  • Progress tracking and reporting
RBY have managed rehabilitative and restorative works on mining tenements.

Integral to environment sustainability is cultural heritage protection. RBY considers cultural heritage to be a fundamental area of importance and believes that protection of legitimate cultural heritage sites is beneficial for the affected local community and Australia as a nation.


The RBY team has managed contracts which involve rehabilitation and restorative works on land contained around various mine boundaries.

Cultural Heritage

RBY will work with local groups to ensure their involvement in identification and protection of cultural heritage sites. RBY can liaise on behalf of local groups with mining and development companies where needed on this issue.

Equipment/Vehicle Certification, Weed Hygiene and Wash Down

RBY is involved in providing ‘wash down’ services to ensure the spread of noxious weeds and vegetation between different areas is minimised. We are able to carry out:
  • A visual inspection and risk assessment of vehicles/equipment before entry to site of action
  • Wash down and full washes on vehicles/equipment containing suspect weeds and vegetation

Employment and Training


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